How many seats are at a table?

There are ten seats at a table.

How can I reserve an entire table?

To reserve a table, please purchase ten tickets. If you would like to purchase multiple tables, please complete a separate order for each table. Unless you request otherwise, all tickets purchased together will be seated together. If you have questions you can contact contact Frances Dinger-Chiem at

What if I'm purchasing multiple tickets but I don't know the names of my guests yet?

When purchasing tickets you will be asked to provide a ticket holder name and email address for each ticket purchased. Please enter as much accurate information as you are able. If you don't yet know who you will be inviting, you can enter TBD in the First Name field, and your own email address in the Email Address field. Your guests will be asked to provide their information upon entry to the event.

Can I be seated with others who purchased tickets separately?

If you purchased tickets and would like to be seated with a group or groups who reserved their tickets separately from you, please elect a table captain to arrange seating and have them contact Frances Dinger-Chiem: